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AJ70 1/24 with M/O Screw Drive Jack
1767 Universal Mount Brackets (need 2 for each jack)_1Harness- 6526 Single CM-AM_1

AJ70 1/24 with M/O Screw Drive Jack

7,500 Lbs Capacity

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Product Description

This system has a lifting capacity of 7,500 lbs. and comes standard with a screw style manual override. The unit has 24″ of stroke. The pump is attached to the jack and has a steel cover included. The unit comes with a single switch control box, with a rocker style switch and key lockout. The harness is braided with a PVC coated nylon. This makes for a  harness that will hold up in the toughest environments. The unit also comes with a set of universal mounting brackets. The AJ is ideally suited for trailers that have living quarters with up to an 11′ short wall.


*Unit does not come with fluid or bolts. Bolt kits are available online.

*Also check out the Wireless remote for use with this product.

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