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Jayco Redhawk Class A Auto-Leveling 4 Point System 15" Stroke Legs (Diesel) , class C leveler,
Jayco Redhawk Class A Auto-Leveling 4 Point System 15″ Stroke Legsclass c (Medium)_EPI3500_5

Jayco Redhawk Class C Auto-Level System

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Product Description

This kit is designed for the 2015 and newer Jayco Redhawk

2016 Jayco Red Hawks come from the factory with all of our leg brackets and pump mount bracket installed. However, there were many 2015 models that also had the brackets installed at the factory. Jayco does this for you to make your install quick and easy since it is now a bolt on application.

If the build date of your coach is November 2015 and newer the 8735NUPS will work for you.

If the build date of your coach is January 2015 through October 2015, you must contact Equalizer Systems to verify bracket placement.

This kit includes

  • 13″ stroke front jacks
  • 13″  stroke rear jacks
  • Complete pump with manual override
  • Auto-Level controls
  • All harness and hoses

Since its introduction, our Auto-Level has quickly become the premium choice in RV leveling systems. Utilizing four two-way hydraulic cylinders, Auto-Level has the ability to extend and retract the legs during the leveling sequence. The automatic, one touch operation levels a motorhome in less than two minutes, operating each leg independently in a sequential process.

This sequential leveling is a patented process that provides a more precise level throughout the length of the vehicle, adding stability to the vehicle while leveling it as low to the ground as possible. It’s quick, easy and on the level!

Our Auto-Level system for the Jayco Class C motorhomes also does something that no other system on the market does for the small units. One of the problems with small units is that they like to tripod when the jacks are down. Which means that the when you try to level, only three jacks end up on the ground when it is finished. Our system addresses that and checks to make certain that all 4 jacks have solid contact to the ground after the Auto-Level system has leveled your Jayco Class C.

Auto-Level System Advantages

  • One pump operates all legs
  • Variety of stroke lengths and lifting capabilities available
  • One touch, push button Auto-Level operation
  • Field adjustable null ensures leveling to operator established level position
  • Audible and visual prompts notify user when leveling is in progress and complete
  • Stow legs quickly and easily with auto All Retract

Installation & Manuals

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