Custom Wire Harness

Equalizer Systems has over fifteen years of experience in wire harness assembling for the RV, Horse Trailer, Motorsports, and Commercial Industries. We have the capability to customize any size wire harness, wire gauge, and configuration to fit your company’s needs.  We stand behind our product and quality. 

Custom Wiring Services Offered 

  • Wire cutting
  • Automatic wire strippers to ensure that the proper strip length for all terminals and connectors.
  • Ultrasonic weld splices
  • Cross sectional welding capability in copper with a proven durability
  • Heat shrinking with adhesives, this seals the splice keeping it water resistant
  • Electrical testing is completed with our Cirris 1000 tester
  • Nylon high temp braid is used to secure the wires and cables against scraping, chafing, vibration, weather, and abrasion.
Large or small, Equalizer Systems can handle your custom wire harness.

Ultrasonic Weld Splices

We specialize in ultrasonic weld splices using our Stapla Ultrasonic Welder.  We have a wide range of cross sectional welding capability in copper with a proven durability and high trained staff to ensure quality and dependability.  We can offer flexible and custom designs for wire applications in virtually any cross sectional size.


Whether you have a small or large production run Equalizer Systems can meet your needs.  We have a diverse number of state of the art machines and applicators to meet your needs.  At Equalizer Systems we continue to invest in new equipment to ensure that we stay ahead of our customer’s needs.

Custom Manufacturing

Equalizer Systems can custom manufacture the highest quality wire harnesses.  The harnesses can range from being just a few inches long with a couple of leads breaking out to several feet long with a variety of quick disconnects, multi-pin connectors, terminal blocks, water and corrosion resistant housing, and other specialty connectors available.  Our precision custom wire harnesses will meet or exceed your requirements for your application.

  • The North American Trailer Dealers Association
  • The National RV Dealers Association
  • National Association of Trailer Manufacturers