Equalizer Systems Dual Hydraulic Systems


AM Dual
With two 20, 24 or 30 inch jack legs, this set-up has a total lifting capacity of 24,000 lbs. One control box with dual switches allows each jack to operate independently for uneven ground conditions. The pump style is either a horizontal or vertical mount, and can be mounted on the jack with an optional pump cover. The pump comes standard with a screw style manual override with the option of a hand pump override.


AJ Dual
This system is comprised of two of the 3.5″ x 3.5″ jacks with 24″ of stroke. A single switch operates the jack legs in tandem. The system has an overall lifting capacity of 15,000 lbs and comes standard with a screw style manual override.

AM 2/20 AM 2/24 AM 2/30 AJ 2/24
Lifting Capacity 24k 24k 24k 15k
Stroke Length 20″ 24″ 30″ 24″
Retracted Length 31.25″ 35.25″ 41.25″ 35.25″
Extended Length 50.3125″ 58.3125″ 70.3125″ 58.3125″