Equalizer Systems for Horse Trailers & Cargo Trailers

Stop cranking and let Equalizer Systems do the work for you. Equalizer Systems is #1 in the Horse Trailer industry, providing the most advanced lifting systems around.

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Equalizer Systems for Horse Trailers & Cargo Trailers el-pac-series

Electric Systems

The El Pac series provides an easy and economical alternative to cranking the existing manual jack. The El Pac systems typically install in less than thirty minutes and provide enough lifting capacity to handle most living quarters trailers. The El Pac 1 systems include a patent pending clutch design to protect the jack from damage due to over capacity or over retraction.

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Equalizer Systems for Horse Trailers & Cargo Trailers hydraulic-jack

Single or Dual Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic jacks are the fastest and easiest way to load and unload your trailer from the tow vehicle. These can be utilized in a single or dual jack application which makes it easier to level the front of your trailer. These systems are operated off the trailer’s accessory battery. They can be installed by a manufacturer, dealer, service /repair center, or by the customer. The hydraulic jacks are offered in various sizes and lifting capacities.

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Equalizer Systems for Horse Trailers & Cargo Trailers Trailer-Auto-Level-Panel-2012

Trailer Auto-Level System

Utilizing four, two-way hydraulic jack legs, Auto-Level has the ability to extend and retract the jacks during the leveling sequence. Equalizer Systems has a panel designed specifically for Horse Trailers. The easy to use master control panel produces a series of visual and audible prompts during operation indicating level status.

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