Class C Level-Lite Manual Leveling System(Ford & Chevy Chassis)




This Class C Level-Lite Manual Leveling System (Ford & Chevy Chassis) has the same top quality components as the Auto-Level System, now available in a manually controlled system. It utilizes four two-way hydraulic cylinders and this manual option allows you to extend and retract the jacks.

• Fits any 2010 or newer Class C Motorhomes built on Ford 450 or Chevy chassis
• One pump operates all legs and can be mounted virtually anywhere
• Audible and visual prompts warn of “drive-off” situations on motorized vehicles
• Allows you to extend and retract all cylinders together or in a linear pairs
• Stow legs quickly and easily with All Retract
• Easy to operate manual override available
• 12 or 24 volt systems
• Total weight capacity: 30,000 lbs., 7,500 lbs. per jack
• Kit includes: 2- 13″ front jacks, 2- 13″ rear jacks, complete pump with manual override, manual level control, all harness, and 2- 10′ hoses, 2-12′ hoses, 2-16′ hoses, and 2-20′ hoses.
     ~Kit will come with weld on brackets to mount the legs to the Ford chassis. It also comes with a pump mount bracket to mount the hydraulic pump.

Note: Please advise in the Order Notes when ordering online what length hose you need. They come in increments of 2′. Not getting hoses and ordering them later will result in a shipping fee for you, the customer. To avoid this, pre-measure before ordering.



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