Jayco Redhawk Level-Lite




This kit is designed for the 2015 and newer Jayco Redhawk.

2016 Jacyo Redhawks come from the factory with all of our leg brackets and pump mount brackets installed.  However, there are many 2015 models that also have the brackets installed at the factory.  Jayco does this for you to make your install quick and easy, since it is now a bolt on application.

If the build date of your coach is November 2015 and newer the 8069NUPS will work for you.

If the build date of your coach is January 2015 through October 2015, you must contact Equalizer Systems to verify bracket placement.

This kit includes:

  • 13″ stroke front jacks
  • 13″ stroke rear jacks
  • Complete pump with manual override
  • Manual level controls
  • All harness and hoses

The Level-Lite Manual Leveling System has the same top quality components as our Auto-Level System, just in a manual system.

Level-Lite Manual Level System Advantages

  • One pump operates all legs and can be mounted virtually anywhere
  • Audible and visual prompts to warn of “drive-Off” situations on motorized vehicles
  • Stow legs quickly and easily with All Retract
  • Easy to operate manual override available

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