Slide-Out Mechanisms With Custom Strength

Equalizer Systems manufactures electric and hydraulic slide room mechanisms in a variety of custom widths and extensions. All are available in above floor or flush floor models. In some applications this can be as little as 2.5 inches while still having enough strength to support rooms weighing 2,000 lbs. or more. All Slide Room Mechanisms are for OEM applications only. We make it to work and to fit!

Hydraulic Above Floor or Flush Floor Slide
Hydraulic Bed Slide
Electric Bed Side

Slide-out Mechanism Features

The patented internal timing shaft minimizes frame height while increasing the amount of storage space beneath the coach.
When a timing shaft is not appropriate, our flow dividing system will keep the room properly timed and operating smoothly.
Custom Ramp assemblies are manufactured to accomodate specific floor designs on flush floor models.
Equalizer Systems offer a number of accessories that can add additional features to our slides.
Optional Synchronizing Cylinder Technology offers proper room timing and smooth operation for even the largest rooms.